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IAP - Blocking a wireless client

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  • 1.  IAP - Blocking a wireless client

    Posted Jun 16, 2021 08:16 AM

    According to the help context in Central, we can block a wireless client only if "client blocking option is enabled for the SSID under the AP configuration".

    Denylisting Instant AP Clients

    I cannot find this option on the SSID. I believe it is refering to the "Denylisting" option under the Security Tab of the SSID. 

    With Denylisting enabled, I am still not able to Block a Client. When I select a client and look at the  Actions field on a Client my only option is to 'Disconnect', not Block. 

    Anyone have recommendations to get Client Blocking working?


    Philip Wightman, ACEX (AMFX) #69. Aruba Partner Ambassador

  • 2.  RE: IAP - Blocking a wireless client

    Posted Jun 16, 2021 07:58 PM
    the use case for denylisting (blacklisting) under security tab, is to enable dynamic blacklisting of the clients with a specific number of authentication failures.
    for manual blacklisting, you can do it from here.

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