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Cluster IAP IP Address migration

  • 1.  Cluster IAP IP Address migration

    Posted Dec 29, 2020 10:45 AM


    i'm am about to migrate an IAP cluster from one vlan to another.

    this cluster is managed by Airwave.

    Every APs are in static address configuration.

    once the new vlan is prepared and DHCP all set (layer 2 and 3 OK) (untag/tag still untouched on the distribution switches)

    i will from airwave go on to each APs then set them up to DHCP mode

    then from airwave on the Virtual controller setting (system--> general) change the "uplink switch native vlan" (we do that just to allow the use of the vlan 1 for an SSID)

    and finally from airwave change the IP of the virtual controller.

    at this point i expect the changes not to be applied (especially the IP address settings) until reboot of the APs.

    at this point i want to initiate the reboot of all the IAPs from Airwave (if still possible)
    All IAPs should be down now and won't come up again until the next step 

    - on every interfaces of the distribution switchs which are linked to an IAP --> i change the native VLAN and put the new Vlan.
    -the IAPs should now get an IP Address throught DHCP and finish to boot up (reboot from the switch if a specific IAP is stuck (POE) shut/no shut)

    will i lose control of the cluster from airwave once i change the virtual controller IP ?
    if so i can still initiate the reboot by cutting the power of the IAPs from the switchs.

    if somehow the virtual controller IP end up being a bad one (unusable) will the cluster (with the new IP adresses) still show up on Airwave ?

    if the cluster (with the new IP adresses) cannot communicate with airwave will i be able to administrate the cluster by login in directly to the master AP (the one with the "*") by entering its ip address into a web browser ? 

    and again if airwave is not reachable from the cluster will i be able to edit directly the configuration since the cluster is actually in read only state due to Airwave ?

    Any advice so this migration can go smoothly :s ?

    Thanks to the readers.