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A local community of education customers across Australia / NZ. This group will be moderated by HPE Aruba Networking staff and kept up to date with any upcoming training or events that are relevant to the EDU space.

Kiwi Time

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    Posted Jul 10, 2017 02:12 AM

    Having the correct time on network devices is important for trouble shooting and determining when events happen.

    This is a quick guide on how to set up time on ArubaOS Switch, ArubaOS Controller and ArubaOS Instant Access Point.

    The use of NTP is highly recommended if you want to have accurate time across all devices.


    The following configuration should work on most of the new ArubaOS switches (previously known as ProCurve, E-Series, ProVision).

    I’m running 16.03 on my 2930F. NOTE: Executing reload or boot resets the time and date to their default startup values on most switches unless you have NTP running.

    2930F# conf t

    2930F(config)# time

    Mon Jan  1 00:03:11 1990

    2930F(config)# time timezone 720

    2930F(config)# time daylight-time-rule user-defined begin-date 09/24 end-date 04/01

    2930F(config)# time 07/10/2017

    Mon Jul 10 13:03:57 2017

    2930F(config)# time 16:02

    Mon Jul 10 16:02:12 2017

    2930F(config)# time

    Mon Jul 10 16:02:20 2017

    2930F(config)# end

    2930F# wr mem


    My Aruba 7005 controller is running, the configuration is pretty generic and should work across all the controllers.

    First up the initial configuration during the first start up.

    Enter System name [Aruba7005]:

    Enter Switch Role (master|local|standalone|branch) [master]:

    Enter VLAN 1 interface IP address []:

    Enter VLAN 1 interface subnet mask []:

    Enter IP Default gateway [none]:

    Do you wish to configure IPV6 address on vlan 1 (yes|no) [yes]: no

    Enter Country code (ISO-3166), <ctrl-I> for supported list: NZ

    You have chosen Country code NZ for New Zealand (yes|no)?: yes

    Enter Time Zone [PST-8:0]: NZST+12:0

    Enter Time in UTC [04:25:14]:

    Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY) [7/10/2017]:


    Do you wish to accept the changes (yes|no)yes

    Creating configuration... Done.


    System will now restart!

    Once the controller is back up we can add summertime and even reset the clock.

    (Aruba7005) #show clock


    Mon Jul 10 16:37:52 NZST 2017


    (Aruba7005) #configure t

    (Aruba7005) (config) #clock timezone NZST +12

    (Aruba7005) (config) #clock summer-time NZDT recurring last Sunday September 02:00 first Sunday April 02:00 +13

    (Aruba7005) (config) #end

    (Aruba7005) #clock set 2017 july 10 16 48 00

    WARNING:Changing the system clock will require a reboot of the controller.


    Are you sure you want to continue(y/n): y

    Switch Real Time Clock is changed. The controller must be rebooted now.


    (Aruba7005) #write mem

    Saving Configuration...


    Configuration Saved.


    (Aruba7005) #reload
    Do you really want to restart the system(y/n): y

    System will now restart!

    The Instant AP configuration is very similar to the controller. I ran the configuration on a RAP-109 with ArubaOS
    NOTE: Executing reload or boot resets the time and date to their default startup values on the instant APs unless you have NTP running.

    RAP-109# conf t

    We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to take effect.

    RAP-109 (config) # clock timezone NZST +12 00

    RAP-109 (config) # clock summer-time NZDT recurring last sunday september 02:00 first sunday april 02:00

    RAP-109 (config) # end

    RAP-109# commit apply

    committing configuration...

    configuration committed.


    RAP-109# clock set 2017 7 10 17 15 00

    RAP-109# sh clock


    Current Time     :2017-07-11 05:15:03


    Warm Regards

    Phillip Hichens