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Travelers now enter hotels with multiple devices and hospitality venues must give them a stellar Wi-Fi experience and self-service tools to enhance their stay. Join our Airheads to tackle hospitality WLAN and security questions!
  • 1.  Architectural Agnosticism

    Posted Mar 15, 2017 06:14 AM

    What???? Is this just marketing BS???

    No this is the foundation for why Aruba


    In a world in which networking vendors say the only way forward is Cloud, or no you need a controller lead solution or it must be AP lead, Aruba says to use the same hardware for any of these solutions and reflect the business requirement of the moment with the appropriate architecture.


    You can start with standalone APs, if you want to you take a route of making an AP a controller or add a controller or use those same APs in our cloud-based solution Aruba Central.


    Why is that important?


    A hotel brand opens a small 50 room facility for instance. start with Aruba Instant, then as a restaurant and gym is added move a controller lead solution then as the brand moves up to a larger environment use the same hardware with increased numbers to be managed above property with Aruba Central.


    Ally the Architectural Agnosticism with the full range of hardware from low cost basic functionality to premium products both indoor and outdoor matching the requirements at both price and functionality levels to the business requirement at that point ie high performance premium product for the large business conference facility  with the low cost basic product for that obscure connecting corridor back of house.


    Help our clients to grow their network in line with changing business requirements without having to rip out existing kit and start again. That 203H, a hospitality focussed access can sit in an Instant environment and then when you move to central it remains in place, no new AP required a simple and cost effective change of architecture to reflect changing business needs.


    Come and see us at EMEA Atmosphere, HITEC Europe in Amsterdam or call us for a demonstration at one of our local offices