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LLDP negotiation issues Dell 3524P Switch AP305

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  • 1.  LLDP negotiation issues Dell 3524P Switch AP305

    Posted Sep 02, 2020 03:05 PM

    Hi, in some of our brown-fields where we are replacing the wireless networks with AP305's on OS, Local controller, and masters using vrrp at our data center. 

    We are coming across Dell 3524P's (PoE) that we cannot get rid of in the next few years and are running into issues where lldp is not negotiating the power. The flag that is coming up is the 'p' flag indicating the AP is in restricted mode. This is happening at all of our sites where we have Dell Switches and some of the locations where we have power injectors on some cisco switches that dont have enough power. 

    The Dell switches have lldp enabled as well as our core switches from where they terminate. When running a show lldp neighbors from the Cisco switch side we can see the Dell switches that are connecting. When we run a show lldp neighbors on the Dell side we get a few devices but do not get any AP305's. When you run a "show power inline power-consumption" The AP's are pulling 5.3 watts with a cap of 15.4 watts.

    Has anyone seen issues like this on dell switches or have first hand knowledge of this issue? Any recommendations are welcome! 
    Thank you.