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Getting Started: Manage Your Discussion Notifications

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  • 1.  Getting Started: Manage Your Discussion Notifications

    Posted Oct 29, 2020 01:17 PM

    When you join a community, you will be asked to choose how you would like to receive messages for the discussion. These emails are called "Digests."



    A quick breakdown of your discussion notification/digest options:

    • Real Time: You'll receive an email every time a new message is posted. This choice gives you the greatest number of emails, but also keeps you in the loop with everything happening in your communities.
    • Daily: You'll receive one email per day containing a recap of posts for each of your communities. If you've joined 2 communities, you'd get 2 digest emails.
    • Plain Text: One email for each message with HTML formatting removed. If you're registered email address does not allow HTML formatting this would be the best option. You can also add override email addresses for specific discussions or all emails.

    o    To add an override email for individual discussions, select the settings panel (to the right of the community name), or navigate to your Community Notifications page and enter your override email address(es).  *Override discussion email addresses will not change the email you use to log in. It will only update where your discussion emails will be sent


    I would like to opt-out of receiving email message: You will not receive email updates for the discussion. You can always change your mind by going to your profile and updating your choice on your Community Notifications page in your user profile.

    If you're part of more than one community discussion you may want to consolidate your community notifications. On your Community Notifications page, add a checkmark in either of the consolidated digest columns (daily or weekly) for each of your communities that you want to include in this one email.

    • Consolidated Daily: You'll receive one email per day that combines all the activity in each of your communities into one digest. 
    • Consolidated Weekly: You'll receive one email per week that combines all the activity in each of your communities into one digest. This option gives you the fewest amount of emails, but you may miss out on time-sensitive posts and shared items.
      • Once you add any of your communities to a consolidated format, each time you join a new community will be able to add the discussion notifications to your existing consolidated email.


    • Want to follow a particular topic? Turn on the Follow function (the star on the top right corner of the discussion) and you'll get a real-time notification to your email any time anyone replies to a post within that thread. 
    • Note: You will automatically follow any threads you start so you know when someone else replies. You can turn this feature off by unselecting the Follow Star on top.

    Greg Weaver
    Airheads Community Admin