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[General] New forum links wreak havoc

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  • 1.  [General] New forum links wreak havoc

    Posted Oct 29, 2020 04:56 AM
    I'm sorry I'm posting this here and like this, but there is no general forum and this is one of the locations I am more active.

    The new look of the forum is very nice and the fact that all old topics were preserved is very good.

    However I think many of you will notice that since the old links result in a 404 it may be hard to find stuff.
    All search results when searching for how solve issues point to the old style links which return 404, topic one may have left open result in 404 instead of redirecting to the new path.

    I hope there is a plan to add redirects.

    Keeper of the Keys

  • 2.  RE: [General] New forum links wreak havoc

    Posted Oct 29, 2020 05:20 AM
    Sadly internal search of the forum is abysmal, I have searched for the exact title of a topic showed by google search results and got 76k results not one of them the actual topic I'm looking for.

    Thus even if you find a hint of what you are looking for on google you can't actually get the info :(

    E.S. Rosenberg

  • 3.  RE: [General] New forum links wreak havoc

    Posted Oct 29, 2020 05:44 AM

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yeah we have the redirects in process of being corrected. It took longer than expected. 

    Search is being improved as well but that is being worked on as we speak. 

    Thanks for your patience as track down any remaining bugs that might have made it to this new version of the community.

    Jamie Easley