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LAG/LACP Device Ping issue

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  • 1.  LAG/LACP Device Ping issue

    Posted Jan 03, 2021 11:08 PM


    So I have a switch stack configuration using 2930m switches. Without going too much into the exact configuration, I am having a weird problem that I can't figure out and I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the following issue. 

    The stack is located within our datacenter and can be accessed from any device inside the datacenter. As soon I attempt to access(ping) the stack outside of the datacenter, I can no longer see it. When I am outside of the datacenter, I am still within our private network (mpls). The stack is located on Outside of the datacenter but still on our private network, I can ping all devices on the same subnet. The only device I cannot reach is the stack. On the subnet above, the stack is the only device using a LAG/LACP. So my thoughts are that maybe something with the LAG is causing me not to be able to see it outside of our datacenter.

    I come from a Cisco background but have been spending a lot of time learning HPE/Aruba products. Is this something I have to change in the LAG config to be able to access(ping)?  

    Note: I thought maybe this could be a VLAN issue, I have verified it is not. I cannot ping any of the VLAN interfaces on the stack from outside of the datacenter whether tagged or untagged. 


  • 2.  RE: LAG/LACP Device Ping issue

    Posted Jan 04, 2021 04:48 AM

    Do you have configure the default gateway on the switch ?

    PowerArubaSW : Powershell Module to use Aruba Switch API for Vlan, VlanPorts, LACP, LLDP...

    PowerArubaCP: Powershell Module to use ClearPass API (create NAD, Guest...)

    PowerArubaCX: Powershell Module to use ArubaCX API (get interface/vlan/ports info)..

    ACEP / ACMX #107 / ACDX #1281