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Question about firmware upgrade

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  • 1.  Question about firmware upgrade

    Posted Aug 11, 2020 09:38 AM

    Hi, everybody,
    I have a VSF consisting of two Aruba 2930F in production whose firmware version is 16.04.0014. I want to upgrade the firmware of both switches to version 16.08.0014.
    I understand that if I do this the process updates both switches in the process and after the reboot they would both be updated.
    Is this correct?
    Thank you very much.



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    Posted Aug 11, 2020 09:46 AM

    Sorry the fast upgrade is for the 5400 series. Aruba 2930F VSF supports only the entire fabric reboot.


    See this post for best practice guide for VSF stacks (Page 14 for you) : https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Wired-Intelligent-Edge-Campus/Backplane-Stacking-and-VSF-Best-Practices-for-ArubaOS-Switch/m-p/501387



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    Posted Aug 11, 2020 05:49 PM

    Hi! I suggest you to move directly to WC.16.10.0009 instead of just stopping into WC.16.08.0014 from WC.16.04.0014.


    Note about Boot ROMs versions (related to newer software versions you're going to flash):


    The WC.16.10.0009 software release will contain and use Boot ROM version WC.16.01.0006 (or Boot ROM version WC.16.01.0007 in case of JL692A).


    On the other hand, the WC.16.08.0014 will use Boot ROM WC.16.01.0004.


    Since WC.16.04.0018 uses Boot ROM version WC.16.01.0003 is highly probable that your current WC.16.04.0014 software release uses the very same Boot ROM version, the WC.16.01.0003: this mean that any significative update/upgrade to newer software version will require an updated Boot ROM (With "significative" I mean: from WC.16.04 to WC.16.08 or WC.16.10) and so it will force your Aruba 2930F to automatically update the Boot ROM first before proceeding with flashing the new software...thus be prepared to a double reboot (per switch).

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    Posted Jul 22, 2021 05:32 AM
    tangentially related, yet i'm new here an looking for some direction for more info:
    working on a J9774a 2530-series and have updated the firmware, but the boot ROM looks to be many revisions behind -- any ideas?

    Primary Image : 15183450 06/08/21 YA.16.10.0015
    Secondary Image : 15183450 06/08/21 YA.16.10.0015
    Primary Boot ROM Version : YA.15.20

    alex gill

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    Posted Jul 22, 2021 06:41 AM
    BootRom is not always upgrade (it is not the same release for boot rom)

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    PowerArubaCX: Powershell Module to use ArubaCX API (get interface/vlan/ports info)..

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  • 7.  RE: Question about firmware upgrade

    Posted Jul 22, 2021 07:42 AM
    Hi Alex, as Alexis wrote, the BootROM versioning is different than the ArubaOS-Switch software versioning and this is true DESPITE the fact that the BootROM version naming looks similar to the ArubaOS-Switch software version naming (YA.16.10.0015 versus YA.15.20...that YA prefix and the numbering could confuse at first sight). BootROM has an update pace totally different by the one of ArubaOS-Switch and, generally, ArubaOS-Switch software embeds the correct/updated BootROM portion so, if an update is necessary to the BootROM, this will happen automatically as the very first step of an ArubaOS-Switch software update.

    Davide Poletto