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Aruba CX 6405 btu/h calculator

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  • 1.  Aruba CX 6405 btu/h calculator

    Posted Jul 08, 2021 10:04 AM

    Hi all

    I need to estimate server room heat loads and looking for a calculator to determine btu/h for two Aruba 6405 switches, each containing 4 x 18000W R0X35A PSU's. 

    Each 6405 switch contains the following modules:

    1 x 48 Port 1GbE Class 4 PoE (R0X39B)
    1 x 48 Port 10/25Gbe SFP28 (R0X44A)

    Is there any way to estimate power consumption and therefore a semi-accurate btu/h?

    Thank you

    Jarrod Peat

  • 2.  RE: Aruba CX 6405 btu/h calculator

    Posted Jul 08, 2021 06:53 PM
    Hi Jarrod, yes there are technical documents in which some power consumption details are exposed.

    Considering a single Aruba 6405 + 1 Management Module + System Fan Tray + type and quantity of listed modules I would expect not less than about 3200 BTU/h of power consumption  (3200 BTU/h are just a little bit less than 1 kW).

    I would set this as the starting point to calculate the heat produced that you need to cool.

    So if you have two Aruba 6405 it means not less than 6400 BTU/h.

    Try to configure your BoM on HPE IRIS here, once done have a look at the "Attributes" tag:

    It seems that maximum power consumption for listed configuration is a little bit more than 1 kW and thus a little more on BTU/h (about 4000 BTU/h instead of just 3200 BTU/h).

    Davide Poletto