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PoE allocation

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  • 1.  PoE allocation

    Posted Aug 25, 2021 05:24 AM

    We are going to install some new APs on a switch but I need to clear up some definitions I see on the switch config. What is the difference between the Allocated Power and Actual Power. For example if I see that the allocated power is 17W does this mean that 17W is reserved for that port regardless how much the AP uses?

    Status and Counters - Port Power Status

    PoE | Power Power Alloc Alloc Actual Configured Detection Power
    Port | Enable Priority By Power Power Type Status Class
    ----- + ------ -------- ----- ----- ------ ----------- ----------- -----

    1 | Yes low usage 17 W 7.3 W Delivering 3

    nikim ab

  • 2.  RE: PoE allocation

    Posted Aug 25, 2021 07:43 PM
    check the PoE chapter

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