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adding a 2930f to an existing stack

  • 1.  adding a 2930f to an existing stack

    Posted 30 days ago

    i have a new Aruba JL558A 2930F-48G-740W-PoE+-4SFP+ Switch i want add it to my existing vsf stack, already add the member in my commander switch, and connect the new switch, the new swich detects de commander, it upgrades itself to the commander version, but after rebooting and running show vsf command, it appears as missing, running show vsf link detail show that the vsf is enable on the new switch but i enable it prior rebooting

    here are the logs of the commands

    VSF Domain ID : 1
    MAC Address : xxxxxx-xxxxxx
    VSF Topology : Chain
    VSF Status : Fragment Active
    Uptime : 99d 18h 16m
    VSF MAD : None
    VSF Port Speed : 10G
    Software Version : WC.16.09.0003

    ID MAC Address Model Pri Status
    --- ----------------- ------------------------------------- --- ---------------
    1 548028-xxxxxx Aruba JL558A 2930F-48G-740W-PoE+-4... 128 Commander
    2 3821c7-xxxxxxy Aruba JL558A 2930F-48G-740W-PoE+-4... 128 Standby
    3 104f58-xxxxxz Aruba JL558A 2930F-48G-740W-PoE+-4... 128 Missing

    show vsf link detail
     VSF Member: 1 Link: 1

    Port State
    -------- ------------
    1/49 Down

    VSF Member: 1 Link: 2

    Port State
    -------- ------------
    1/50 Up: Connected to port 2/49

    VSF Member: 2 Link: 1

    Port State
    -------- ------------
    2/50 Error: VSF disabled on peer with MAC 104f58-xxxxxz

    VSF Member: 2 Link: 2

    Port State
    -------- ------------
    2/49 Up: Connected to port 1/50

    right now i cant enter the new switch, i have to factory reset it, when i do and connect de DAC cables, and detects a vsf connection, after rebooting displays the message "VSF configuration mismmatch...rebooting"

    so any tips will be heavely appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Mario Cardenas

  • 2.  RE: adding a 2930f to an existing stack

    Posted 29 days ago

    didnt declared in what link and port on the commander switch

    vsf member 3 link 1 3/52

    power off the device, plug the dac cable and then power on, now the status changed to member

    Mario Cardenas