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2930M Core w/OfficeConnect 1950 Access/Edge switches

  • 1.  2930M Core w/OfficeConnect 1950 Access/Edge switches

    Posted Jan 19, 2021 02:46 AM

    I've been tasked to revamp the office network which comprises of:
    2x Cisco 3750x stacked as a core and HPE 1810-24g switches at the edge/access.

    Due to 802.1x requirements and age, we've decided to replace the whole stack.

    Core would be 2x 2930M stacked w/10G uplinks to each floor with HPE-1950-24G for edge access.

    I'm not sure whether its ok to ask anything about OfficeConnect products here but was wondering  about the HPE-1950-24G with my use case with 802.1x.

    I haven't done any 802.1x deployments - but our required goal is for wired LAN is to deny any non-company owned/non-domain joined laptops to connect to the wired network.

    Authentication I understand would need to be by domain authentication via a NPS server.

    My vendor claims that this setup doesn't work is this true?

    Any input is welcome.