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NTP Setup Aruba CX

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  • 1.  NTP Setup Aruba CX

    Posted Apr 22, 2022 04:56 PM
    This has been working on our HP Procurve, but did have to rebuild the NTP, so not sure what I'm missing.

    We are using a Windows server as an NTP source and found a thread about setting AnnouceFlags to 4, but so far that is NOT working.

    As for the switch:
    I have NTP enabled
    No Auth
    default VRF

    Not synchronized with an NTP Server is the message I get.

    6100 series

    Windows Server 2022

    Shane Farmer

  • 2.  RE: NTP Setup Aruba CX

    Posted Apr 22, 2022 06:40 PM
    On Aruba-CX the ntp commands are pretty simple:

    ntp server {ntp_server} iburst
    ntp enable
    ntp conductor vrf default stratum 3

    6300-cx# show ntp conductor

    NTP Conductor Status : Enabled

    VRF Stratum
    default 3
    6300-cx# show ntp status
    NTP Status Information

    NTP : Enabled
    NTP Authentication : Disabled
    NTP Server Connections : Using the default VRF

    System time : Fri Apr 22 22:35:54 UTC 2022
    NTP uptime : 5 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 20 seconds

    NTP Synchronization Information

    NTP Server : at stratum 2
    Poll interval : 1024 seconds
    Time accuracy : Within -0.000303 seconds
    Reference time : Fri Apr 22 2022 22:31:52.989 as per UTC timezone

    Can you ping the ntp source?
    Have you confirmed that there is no port blocking between the devices?

    Shieva Eccles

  • 3.  RE: NTP Setup Aruba CX

    Posted Apr 25, 2022 05:58 PM

    TOP# config

    TOP(config)# clock timezone europe/amsterdam

    TOP(config)# ntp server x.x.x.x iburst

    TOP(config)# ntp enable

    TOP(config)# write mem


    TOP(config)# show ntp status

    TOP(config)# ntp server iburst

    Marcel Koedijk | MVP Expert 2022 | ACEP | ACMP | ACCP | ACDP | Ekahau ECSE | Not an HPE Employee | Opinions are my own

  • 4.  RE: NTP Setup Aruba CX

    Posted Apr 26, 2022 03:13 AM
    I have seen a problem with NTP on CX failing intermittently and we have worked round it by using IP addresses for the servers rather than DNS names.  We do not suspect anything to be wrong with our DNS, but NTP repeatedly failed to synchronise until we referred to the servers by IP.  You don't show your config but this may work for you?

    David Rickard