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Multicast on 8325 VSX

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  • 1.  Multicast on 8325 VSX

    Posted Jul 19, 2021 02:34 PM
    Hi All,

    Has any one configured pim-sm with bsr selection and RP configured on a VSX Pair? I believe it is working ( we have tested multicast streams) but when we enable terminal monitor we are presented with constant errors:

    ops-switchd[3291] <ERR> debug|LOG_ERR|AMM|-|MULTICAST|MULTICAST_PIM_ENTRIES|Unable to program IPMC entry | sip =, dip =, vrf = default, vlan = vlan1001, hw_id = 33554433, error = Invalid parameter is the RP address.

    After some digging I found this caveat in the release notes:

    "RP on VSX is not supported"

    I have a case open about the error but so far after weeks no one has been able to tell me what the error is or why RP on VSX is not supported. I have tried a few different ways of configuring the RP candidate: with the same (anycast) loopback address on the primary and secondary and with different loopback addresses which then gives two RP addresses in the pim domain. I've looked at the best practice guide for multicast on CX switches but it does not give an example of configuring BSR with RP configured on the VSX pair...which comes back to the caveat in the release notes (as far as I can tell there is nothing about this caveat in the multicast guide!)


    Ben Richards