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UBT - MAC Hopping

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  • 1.  UBT - MAC Hopping

    Posted Jan 26, 2021 07:28 AM

    One of customer has a UBT setup with 2 controllers in cluster mode.
    UBT has been deployed campus wide.

    However, we are seeing mac addresses which are wired connected hopping from one switch to another. Can confirm they client is only connected one specific port directly.

    So UBT for this client is hopping from one port to another.
    This is happening for multiple clients.

    Do you have any idea what might be causing this behavior and how to rectify?

    Pavan Kumar Potru

  • 2.  RE: UBT - MAC Hopping

    Posted Apr 05, 2021 10:33 AM

    I just saw that there are Issues with Named Vlans. So if the Client will be pushed to a VLAN Group, the Client will hopping through all Vlan ID´s.

    Did you open a Case ?

    Andreas Hofer

  • 3.  RE: UBT - MAC Hopping

    Posted Apr 06, 2021 03:34 AM
    Hi Andreas,

    Issue turned out to be WoL proxy on SCCM causing this MAC hopping behavior. 
    MACs were appearing at different physical ports causing duplicate UBTs for same MAC.


    Pavan Potru