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arubaos-cx route tag

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  • 1.  arubaos-cx route tag

    Posted Nov 09, 2020 02:28 AM

    I'm testing our new arubaos-cx ibgp core setup, but im having problem setting route tags on incoming routes is that at problem on the os-cx platform?
    im using : route-map "tag10" permit ; set tag 10
    and in bgp : neighbor x.x.x.x route-map tag10 in 
    But when i look at the routes i get in theres only tag 0 (not tag 10)
    The reason im doing this is because im using route reflector and i dont want it to reflect the routes to a certant router

    Im testning it on a arubaos-cx 10.05.20 ova but in our live setup its on a aruba 8400 10.05.20. The neighbor router/switch is cisco

    Morten Johannsen

  • 2.  RE: arubaos-cx route tag
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    Posted Nov 10, 2020 07:41 AM
    Under verification.
    Meanwhile, would BGP communities be an acceptable alternative ?
    Setting community in and then denying advertisement for specific routes getting this community for the specific RR-client with outbound route-map ?

    Vincent Giles

  • 3.  RE: arubaos-cx route tag

    Posted Nov 10, 2020 07:45 AM
    communities would be the way out, been looking into the whole route tag and don't think thats do able cause its for redistribute and static routes, im trying the communites tommorrow.
    Thx for the heads up, ill update when iv testet it.

    Morten Johannsen

  • 4.  RE: arubaos-cx route tag

    Posted Nov 10, 2020 08:43 AM
    hi again.

    Couldn't wait so iv testet i now :-)

    so this works.

    ip prefix-list allow seq 10 permit any
    route-map com1 permit seq 10
    match ip address prefix-list allow
    set community 1:1 additive

    ip community-list standard com1 seq 10 permit 1:1
    route-map deny_com1 deny seq 10
    route-map deny_com1 permit seq 20
    match community-list com1

    and the route-map com1 in on the neighbor and route-map deny_com1 out to the neighbor i don't want the routes to be reflected.

    Morten Johannsen

  • 5.  RE: arubaos-cx route tag

    Posted Nov 10, 2020 09:43 AM
    ok :-)
    Thanks for this temporary acceptance.
    We'll follow up on the misbehavior of tag, that would anyhow be more practical than community.
    Glad you have a temporary workaround.

    Vincent Giles