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MacSec on LACP Trunk 2930M

  • 1.  MacSec on LACP Trunk 2930M

    Posted 17 days ago

    does anybody know if MacSec on LACP is supported on any AOS Version. We have 2930m v16.10.0011 with 3810 MacSec/SFP+ Module but when trying to apply the MacSec policy we get a error:

    Cannot configure the MACsec policy on port %s when it is part of a trunk

    I did not find any information about not supported in combination with lacp and have the same running on e.g. Juniper Switches

    Jay R

  • 2.  RE: MacSec on LACP Trunk 2930M

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi! AFAIK on ArubaOS-Switch operating system based switch series the MACsec feature is mutually exclusive with trunking (lacp, trunk, dt-trunk, dt-lacp in HP ProVision/ArubaOS-Switch jargons).

    Davide Poletto