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[VSX] Possible between 8320 and 8360?

  • 1.  [VSX] Possible between 8320 and 8360?

    Posted 12 days ago
    Aruba recently released the 8360 series which finally features airflow directions.

    We already have a single 8320 and I would like to double it into a vsx cluster to remove the single failure it represents *but* I really don't want add another 8320 with it's wrong airflow (or mount on the wrong side of the cabinet), which leads me to my question - could I partner a 48p 10GbE 8320+6p 40GbE with a 48p 10GbE 8360+4p 100GbE?


    Keeper of the Keys

  • 2.  RE: [VSX] Possible between 8320 and 8360?

    Posted 12 days ago
    AFAIK you can't "partner" two models belonging to different Aruba CX switch series to form a VSX:

    • VSX made of Aruba 8320 and Aruba 8360 <- NO
    • VSX made of Aruba 8320 and Aruba 8320 <- Yes
    • VSX made of Aruba 8360 and Aruba 8360 <- Yes
    P.S. As you, I'm dealing with the same "fan flow issue": our Aruba 8320 VSX suffered since beginning of admitting only the "red" Front-to-Power flow direction (unfortunately I can't reverse the entire VSX installation); we made the error (there aren't issue on the working temperatures, luckily) but we never being able to repair by simply purchasing a different "blue" Power-to-Front set of PS units and Fans kits because it was never released (and I have written about it extensively, as you already know: see here).

    Davide Poletto