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Remove 2930m switch from stack

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  • 1.  Remove 2930m switch from stack

    Posted 21 days ago
    Hello, new to Aruba switches. We have 7, 2930m switches in a stack. We have removed quite a few devices from our network and I am looking to remove the 7th switch from the stack. Reducing the stack down to 6 switches and using the the removed switch as backup replacement. The 7th switch is just a member of the stack. Would I need to shutdown all the switches to remove the 7th switch from the stack? If not, would I need to shutdown the 6th switch to unplug the stacking cable that connects the 6th and 7th switch together and to plug the cable that connected the 1st switch to the 7th switch in the stack, to the 6th switch now? Would I need to run the cli command, stacking member 7 remove?   Appreciate your help!

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    Posted 19 days ago
    Hello! familiarize with Backplane stacking (Aruba 2930M features it) by reading the Backplane Stacking and VSF Best Practices for ArubaOS-Switch based switches available here. To remove a stack member follow the instructions written on the "Removing a stack member" paragraph at page 8 of the "Backplane Stacking Maintenance and Troubleshooting" chapter.

    In your scenario it's not necessary to shutdown any other switch (apart, clearly, the switch you're going to remove).

    Davide Poletto

  • 3.  RE: Remove 2930m switch from stack

    Posted 17 days ago
    Thank you for the link to the doc. If I follow the steps in the doc, shut down the switch, then adjust the stacking cables should be good. I appreciate your help.

    Matt Gross