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Using ClearPass variables in DUR for CX switches

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  • 1.  Using ClearPass variables in DUR for CX switches

    Posted Jul 01, 2021 07:26 AM
    I'm using ClearPass to create DUR's  for users connected to a 6200 switch and it's working really well.  I would like to add a description to the DUR's that are being sent so that, from the switch, I can know what the device is without having to look it up in our inventory management database.  I've added the description in the Enforcement Profile which now looks like this

    When I look at Access Tracker the description in the DUR is set to the device name from the Authorization Source just like I want it to be.

    But on the switch the description is the unresolved variable name instead of the device name
    Does anyone know why that would be happening or how I can fix it?  This isn't a critical feature but it sure would be nice and it seems like it should work.


    David King

  • 2.  RE: Using ClearPass variables in DUR for CX switches

    Posted Jul 02, 2021 04:00 AM
    My understanding is that It is unsupported to have variables in a DUR, as the role with the serial number is supposed not to change from device to device, which is what you are doing here. When the next device authenticates to the same role, CX_DUR_Local_VLAN44-3050-4, the switch will not download the role again, but use the cached version, including the Snipe:Name. The serial number (policy 3050, version 4) will only change if you change the policy in ClearPass, and the switch will download the new version at the next device authenticating. With a role per unique device, the number of roles in the switch and ClearPass would explode.

    The fact that the role shows up in Access Tracker, with the replacement, looks confusing to me. If you can, please open a TAC case to verify my statement above and have a look at the Access Tracker output.

    Herman Robers
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  • 3.  RE: Using ClearPass variables in DUR for CX switches

    Posted Jul 02, 2021 07:53 AM
    That makes total sense.  I'll verify with TAC and let you know what they say.


    David King