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ArubaCX - OVA and MC-LAG

  • 1.  ArubaCX - OVA and MC-LAG

    Posted Jan 19, 2021 02:46 PM
    Dear Experts, 

    I am trying out OVA 10.5 and configured the similar topology as show in this link

    in place of 2930F, i am using the 3rd OVA Switch (CX3). I configured the simple LACP lag on CX3 Switch. VSX between CX1 and CX2 is working fine. Now below are the steps and issue i am facing

    1) I created the MAC-LAG as shown in above link. I created Vlan 200 and gave SW1 ip address and active-gateway ip of mac 00:00:00:00:64:05
    2) Same on SW2, ip address, active-gateway mac 00:00:00:00:64:05
    3) on SW3, i configured simple LAG, and created SVI of 200 and gave it ip
    4) Now when i ping from SW3 the VIP, and if i shutdown the port on SW2, the ping drops, and it remains like this for sometime. I have to cancel the command and restart the ping after sometime and it starts pinging.

    Is this the normal behavior or is OVA buggy?

    Best Regards

  • 2.  RE: ArubaCX - OVA and MC-LAG

    Posted Jan 19, 2021 03:32 PM

    The AOS-CX OVA is provided as a best effort learning tool to learn the CLI.

    Think of it as CLI can be entered (for learning purposes) but data plane/control plane might not work as expected.
    It is not meant to fully simulate a real switch.

    I did a quick test with 10.5 VM, it doesn't work for me too.


  • 3.  RE: ArubaCX - OVA and MC-LAG

    Posted Jan 19, 2021 03:34 PM
    Didn't notice any issues in my LAB when i was testing this. I don't use GNS3 but run 4 .ova templates in a VMware 6.7 host. Did you configure and test the required Hearthbeat vlan?

    Marcel Koedijk | MVP Expert 2020 | ACMP | ACCP | Ekahau ECSE

  • 4.  RE: ArubaCX - OVA and MC-LAG

    Posted Jan 20, 2021 04:57 AM
    Please remember that on OVA the state of an interface is not replicated on the neighbor.
    So when you shutdown the port on SW2, SW3 still have its port to SW2 up.
    In OVA, you need to rely on protocols to detect link failure for the neighbor.
    In your case, please use lacp rate fast on the vsx lag configuration on SW1 and SW3.
    Do the same on the LAG interface on SW3.
    Detection of port being shudown wil happen through LACP data-units within 1second.
    After 1 sec, the traffic will then be forwarding from SW3 to the correct link and the port facing the down port from SW2 will
    be down from LACP standpoint (show lacp int).

    Hope this heps.

    Vincent Giles