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setting up Vlans 2930f vsf Stack

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  • 1.  setting up Vlans 2930f vsf Stack

    Posted Sep 21, 2021 04:25 PM
    Hi thanks for previous help.

    trying to get setup working, has been some time now, I have 2930f vsf Stack all working now am setting up the Vlans we now hav e a dratek 2862 router with scope for 8 vlans if needed,

    as the 2930 vlan has a single gateway address I have set that up to the router address do i then point the vlans up with an ip address of;
    vlan200 = 
    vlan201 = 
    vlan202 =
    vlan203 = 

    pointing the relevant dns servers on their networks to the .2 addresses as gateway?

    thanks in advance

    adrian dunbar

  • 2.  RE: setting up Vlans 2930f vsf Stack

    Posted Sep 21, 2021 07:13 PM
    Hi Adrian, could you try to rephrase? maybe it's me but it's hard to understand what you're asking and guessing is not the best approach to start helping you.

    Is the VSF performing IP Routing? I guess it is...can you confirm?

    I'm also guessing you have those VLANs configured on the VSF:

    VLAN 200
    VLAN 201
    VLAN 202
    VLAN 203

    and each VLAN was configured with a Layer 3 interface (VLAN IP Address):

    VLAN 200 = (let me to suppose that VLAN 200 is bound to subnet)
    VLAN 201 = (let me to suppose that VLAN 201 is bound to subnet)
    VLAN 202 = (let me to suppose that VLAN 202 is bound to subnet)
    VLAN 203 = (let me to suppose that VLAN 203 is bound to subnet)


    If VSF has IP Routing enabled then its Default Gateway setting is ignored in favor of static routing (example: a static route with destination any network any netmask via your DrayTek Vigor2862 gateway to Internet) or, if IP Routing was left disabled (default) then you should explain us how exactly is your setup (uplink to DryTek Vigor2862 with all the above tagged VLANs? or what?) and what you are trying to achieve.

    Davide Poletto