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Aos- cx. Comple Video

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  • 1.  Aos- cx. Comple Video

    Posted May 28, 2021 09:30 PM
    Hello All Aruba Aos-cx switch users and engineers i have a request...Im in the process of studying for the ACSA certification ...but im still a little lagging behind,  I need a video of which console cable is being used and how its connected ...i did see joe nevels video However i an not an apple user...this will be connectedvia a pc so heres the delima 

    Can a cisco console cable work with the Aos cx switches

    In the book the pic of the putty settings are shown cutt off i need the full display of the setti gs im using putty and those are the settings i need.   

    ....its unclear what everyone means that there getting a blank screen can a full video be made when this occurs as well ...thanks for you help

    Derrick Vaughn

  • 2.  RE: Aos- cx. Comple Video

    Posted May 29, 2021 09:41 AM


    The cable type depends on what switch you are using. 

    6200F/6300M need USB-C cables. Depending on your computer (Windows 10), you might use a USB-a to USB-c cable, or a USB-c to USB-c cable.

    Other switches (8325) have micro-USB ports.  The process is the same but the cable is different. 

    On your laptop or windows device:
    Open device manager. Find the section with ports - com and lpt and hit the plus to expand it. Notice what ports are already present. 

    Plug in the cable to the switch and the computer.  Windows will install the driver and add a port. Notice the new port in the list. 

    Now open a terminal program- (like putty) and set it to serial and enter the number of the com port and the speed 115200 
    You should get the terminal after pressing enter a couple times. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Phillip Horn