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AOS-CX Sys-log Persistent-Storage

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  • 1.  AOS-CX Sys-log Persistent-Storage

    Posted May 06, 2021 02:37 AM

    AOS-CX Sys-log Persistent-Storage

    Is there any recommendation/limitations about the use of the syslog persistent-storage.

    If I use logging persistent-storage severity info for example, do I need to expect the flash to fill-up causing an issue at some point?

    Do we have a definition which events are part of which severity level?

    • We have log rotation policy which ensures that we won't fill up the disk space beyond the predetermined limit. Hence we will not fill up flash causing any other issue.
    • Since logging persistent-storage will write to the storage system, it will impact the life time of storage if we enable it unconditionally and for long duration. Hence it is recommended to choose appropriate severity and use it only during the debugging session.
    • Please refer AOS-CX event user guide for the event severity information!

    Good day!

    Yash NN