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IP helper

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  • 1.  IP helper

    Posted Nov 08, 2021 06:05 AM

    I need to add a second ip helper, dhcp backup, on 2920 for all vlans. I wonder if there is any more efficient way than go on each single vlan conf and add it. like all vlans-wide configuration command.

    Thank you

    otman ibrak

  • 2.  RE: IP helper

    Posted Nov 08, 2021 09:15 AM
    Hello Otman,

    I assume you mean the "ip helper-address X.X.X.X" command, because your DHCP servers are in a different vlan. 
    This command is vlan specific, because it's a setting specific for each vlan. The idea is that you might have different DHCP servers for different vlans or you might not want to have the DHCP address assignments in some vlans, so there is no other way to make this configuration globally. You will need to specify the main and backup DHCP servers for each vlan individually.  


    Toni Andreev

  • 3.  RE: IP helper

    Posted Nov 09, 2021 02:12 AM
    Hello Toni,

    That answers my question. Thanks a lot ! 

    Otman Ibrak

    otman ibrak