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DSCP prioritization between switches

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  • 1.  DSCP prioritization between switches

    Posted 16 days ago

    Hi there! I am a master student currently doing my master thesis about QoS in SDN architectures.

    I am, via an SDN app, marking multimedia traffic with IP DSCP 46 (EF). My current setup involves 2 switches and 3 end-hosts. The switches are connect via the interface 9 of each one and that interface is tagged on the VLAN's hosts.

    I have "qos type-of-service diff services" enable and "qos trust dscp" in every interface of both switches. I can see via qos dscp-map that dscp codepoint 101110 maps to 802.1p priority 7 (which then maps to Q2, because I only have 2 queues). If a end-host A on switch A is sending multimedia traffic to a end-host B on switch B I can see the multimedia traffic being mapped to the egress Q2 of the port host B is connected but not on interface 9 (the one connecting the switches) of the switch A which I think would be expectable.

    Can somebody please help me?

    I thank you so much in advance and sorry for some mistake, I'm pretty new to this.

    Rita Martinho