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Help me replace my Ubiquiti setup

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  • 1.  Help me replace my Ubiquiti setup

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi folks,

    Recently I've made a bunch of noise on twitter about Ubiquiti starting to serve ads on their controller interface. I decided enough was enough, and want out of this platform as soon as possible.

    Wanting to remain within the prosumer market, Aruba seems like a good choice to go with, and I was wondering if I could get some help replacing what I've got.

    Here's a list of devices (and what they do):

    HomeHub 3000 (Bell Fibe) 1.5gbps router (has an SPF+ port that works on a 2.5gbps connection, ideally would like to replace this)
    8 port PoE gigabit switch
    3 Wireless APs, connected to the PoE switch (with mesh/roaming)

    I have 1.5gbps up and down (wan) and in my local network anywhere between 20 and 30 wireless devices, plus 2 racked servers, a NAS, and some raspberry pis.

    Money isn't a huge concern, so anything medium-range that'll future proof me some would be great! Ideally I'd like this network to be 10gbps ready.

    Would you help me with a bill of materials, please?

    Andre Medeiros

  • 2.  RE: Help me replace my Ubiquiti setup

    Posted 19 days ago
    You may want to consider Aruba's Instant On portfolio for your networking needs. Just the choose the desired use case and answer some quick and easy questions to get the best recommendations for you.