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AOS-CX err disable auto-recovery

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  • 1.  AOS-CX err disable auto-recovery

    Posted May 06, 2021 01:15 AM

    Fault monitoring profile

    Yes, AOS-CX does support error disable auto-recovery. On AOS-CX it is called fault monitoring recovery.

    say on cisco:

    errdisable recovery cause all

    errdisable flap-setting cause link-flap max-flaps 4 time 30

    errdisable recovery interval 600

    no errdisable recovery cause bpduguard

    On AOS-CX

    config-fault-monitor-profile <name>

    all action notify-and-disable auto-enable 600

    excessive-link-flaps action notify-and-disable auto-enable 600

    spanning-tree bpdu-guard timeout <INTERVAL>

    Then apply on to interface as below:

    switch(config)# interface 1/1/1

    switch(config-if)# apply fault-monitor profile <name>

    more details refer to our switching documentation:

    Document Display | HPE Support Center 

    Good day!

    Yash NN