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MSTP & Rapid-PVST interoperability

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  • 1.  MSTP & Rapid-PVST interoperability

    Posted Feb 17, 2021 05:10 PM

    I'm looking in coexistance between mstp and rapid-pvst on some Aruba's (2540) . I have 2 switches one with MSTP configured(switch1) as root on IST for all vlans.(vlan1, 2 and 3, priority 0) and then on the other switch PVRST(switch2) all vlans got default priority,( worse priority than MSTP). This is Cisco best practice. I'm not sure the Aruba switches in the case of MSTP support PVRST simulation like cisco. But on switch 2 it says VLAN1 root is switch 1, but for the other VLANs it say that it is root, itself

    This doesn't seem right, I want the MSTP device to be root for all VLANs, is this normal behaviour for Aruba 2540?

    michael wright