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MSTP Instance 0

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    Posted Apr 19, 2021 12:56 PM
    Hello there,

    I am configuring a 5406zl and many 2540 for a customer that has STP blocking access ports, probably because their telephones are making trouble.

    I checked the configuration and noticed that there is none other than "spanning-tree mode mstp" --> Every switch had a different region name, no instances, etc.

    This network is already a tree, no redundant links. I want to have STP anyway because I do not know if how their servers are connected and if they would create a loop. But for the switches, no loops at all. Therefore I would like to have a very simple configuration. 

    To the question:
    Can I just use Instance 0 (IST) and be done or should I still configure at least Instance 1? The Switches unfortunately do not support normal RSTP in the configuration. 

    Thanks a lot.

    Facundo Ferri