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Equivalent commands for Cisco QoS in 2930M

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  • 1.  Equivalent commands for Cisco QoS in 2930M

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi all,

    I'm about to replace Cisco 3850 switches with stack of 2 2930M, however, I'm not quite sure what are the equivalent commands in Aruba 2930M for the following  existing  Cisco switch commands :

    -class-map match-any system-cpp-police-topology-control
    description Topology control
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-sw-forward
    description Sw forwarding, SGT Cache Full, LOGGING
    class-map match-any system-cpp-default
    description DHCP snooping, show forward and rest of traffic
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-sys-data
    description Learning cache ovfl, Crypto Control, Exception, EGR Exception, NFL SAMPLED DATA, Gold Pkt, RPF Failed
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-punt-webauth
    description Punt Webauth
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-forus
    description Forus Address resolution and Forus traffic
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-multicast-end-station
    description MCAST END STATION
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-multicast
    description Transit Traffic and MCAST Data
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-l2-control
    description L2 control
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-dot1x-auth
    description DOT1X Auth
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-data
    description ICMP_GEN and BROADCAST
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-control-low-priority
    description ICMP redirect and general punt
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-wireless-priority1
    description Wireless priority 1
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-wireless-priority2
    description Wireless priority 2
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-wireless-priority3-4-5
    description Wireless priority 3,4 and 5
    class-map match-any non-client-nrt-class
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-routing-control
    description Routing control
    class-map match-any system-cpp-police-protocol-snooping
    description Protocol snooping
    policy-map port_child_policy
    class non-client-nrt-class
    bandwidth remaining ratio 10
    policy-map system-cpp-policy
    class system-cpp-police-data
    police rate 200 pps
    class system-cpp-police-sys-data
    police rate 100 pps
    class system-cpp-police-sw-forward
    police rate 1000 pps
    class system-cpp-police-multicast
    police rate 500 pps
    class system-cpp-police-multicast-end-station
    police rate 2000 pps
    class system-cpp-police-punt-webauth
    class system-cpp-police-l2-control
    class system-cpp-police-routing-control
    police rate 500 pps
    class system-cpp-police-control-low-priority
    class system-cpp-police-wireless-priority1
    class system-cpp-police-wireless-priority2
    class system-cpp-police-wireless-priority3-4-5
    class system-cpp-police-topology-control
    class system-cpp-police-dot1x-auth
    class system-cpp-police-protocol-snooping
    class system-cpp-police-forus
    class system-cpp-default
    So, is enable Voice Vlan be enough ? or there'e Aruba QoS configurations?


    Adam Black