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Multiple Voice VLANS on same LAN

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  • 1.  Multiple Voice VLANS on same LAN

    Posted May 04, 2021 12:11 PM
    I'm currently setting up a network where there are 2 x core switches and 10 x access switches. The access switches are connected together in pairs with each access switch having a link to a core switch and the other link connected to it's partner, forming a ring for resilience. There 5 x data vlans and 5 x voice vlans, 1 of each vlan per pair. In all but one case, the access switch pairs are using the same data and voice vlans. One pair though is using different data and voice vlans but will require both sets of vlans configured on each switch so the assigned vlans can either be configured against the user ports or transited through in order that it's partner can use the other vlans. I'm using LLDP-MED on the Voice Vlans. My question is, can you have 2 voice vlans with the line 'voice' as part of the vlan configuration or only the voice vlan which is tagged against the user ports and have 'voice' removed from the vlan which is being transited. Or does it matter? Any help or advice appreciated.


    Jim Scarratt