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NQA on AOS-CX? IP-SLA plus NAE script is the answer

  • 1.  NQA on AOS-CX? IP-SLA plus NAE script is the answer

    Posted May 21, 2020 12:17 PM
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    Customer has asked me to demonstrate that our AOS-CX switches can replace a legacy switching solution that has NQA functionality configured to decide which of the two routes (active - standby) should route traffic. Important to note, Customer does not use dynamic routing protocols.


    Reading the AOS-CX monitoring and NAE guides I concluded the same functionality that NQA delivers can be achieved by combining the functionality of IP-SLA with a NAE script (conectivity_monitor v1.1).


    The way to demo to Customer was this way:


    1. Virtual test environment setup using the AOS-CX OVA (Virtual.10.03.0020). Picture1.png
    2. IP-SLA configuration. Picture2.png
    3. Configuration of Agents and setup of the monitoring dashboard: Picture3.png

    The result of the demo was successful, combining IP-SLA and NAE I was able to demonstrate a routing policy based on the availability of the main - backup links.


    4. Syslogs collected: Picture4.png


    This is the video of the PoC result. Attached you will find a pdf with all the details.


    (view in My Videos)








    IPSLA CX.pdf   5.59 MB 1 version