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Demoing Ansible and AOS-CX: Config backups to AWS S3

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  • 1.  Demoing Ansible and AOS-CX: Config backups to AWS S3

    Posted Nov 08, 2020 10:11 PM

    Hello Airheads community

    I want to share an automation demo applied to AOS-CX switches: take network backups and save these backups in a reliable and secure place. With this demo, you can show to customers and prospects automation capabilities of AOS-CX and how much time can be saved by automating repetitive tasks. 

    Proposed automation workflow is as follows (Figure 1):


    Figure 1

    Workflow steps:

    1. Host Inventory file with management IP addresses of AOS-CX switches.

    2. Playbook file with two tasks:
      2A. Take config backup of AOS-CX switch.
      2B. Synch the backup folder with a bucket in AWS S3.

    3. Run the playbook.

    4. Ansible communicates with the AOS-CX switches that are part of the Host Inventory file, saves the configurations in a local folder and finally synchronizes the folder with a bucket in S3.


    Video of the demo:

    How to setup the demo:

    1. Create a Bucket:


    2. Create an AMI User, Access type set to "programmatic access":

    3. Attach a policy to the AMI User in order to allow access to the S3 bucket:

    4. "aoscx_backup_config" en arubanetworks.aoscx ansible collection:

    5. "s3_sync" en ansible collection:

    6. Set the ansible_python_interpreter value; Ansible tries to use Python 2 (/usr/bin/python) by default. Details:

    Code attached.



    Adolfo Bolivar


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