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Copy field value in field

  • 1.  Copy field value in field

    Posted Dec 06, 2020 03:41 PM

    In guest forms for auto-registrations, is it possible to use a field value, got from AP (apgroup) to fill automatically the sponsor_name field, with some modification if possible ?

    Example : guest form comes with the apgroup set by the controler. sponsor_name may be autmatically filled with the apgroup value, or "sp"+apgroup ?


    BILLOT Emmanuel

  • 2.  RE: Copy field value in field

    Posted Dec 18, 2020 08:26 AM

    Hi Emmanuel

    You can fill in values in the for by supplying the field name and the value as argument in the URL.

    Filling in the sponsor email address with my email address can be done like:

    You can hide the sponsor field by changing the type from Text box to Hidden field.

    Please be aware of that the guest will be able to edit the provided value in the URL and can put in some faulty information.

    Jonas Hammarback