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Edit Device with out a MPSK Refresh

  • 1.  Edit Device with out a MPSK Refresh

    Posted Jan 06, 2021 02:38 PM
    We are getting read to roll out our MPSK network but I have came across an issue when running through some test scenarios. 

    If I have a device that is already registered in CPPM Guest and I want to change it's name, role, etc. It gives me the option to for "No changes to the device Wi-Fi password". However, when I click "Update Device" A password is still generated. This is bad because the device will no longer be able to successfully be able to connect to the network and will require hands on intervention.

    I have dug through the forms and fields but was able to reason that this is happening. 

    Any suggestions or should I reach out to support?

    CPPM 6.8.4 but we are working a update into the schedule.

    Gregory Damron

  • 2.  RE: Edit Device with out a MPSK Refresh

    Posted Jan 06, 2021 02:56 PM
    I found that this was fixed in 6.8.5.

    Gregory Damron