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VIA Linux Client

  • 1.  VIA Linux Client

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi All

    I have 7240XM controllers as VPN concentrators for our remote access solution using VIA running on AOS
    All Windows, OSX and iOS clients are working as expected, but we have just started testing Linux clients and have run into issues. I've tested on Centos and Ubuntu, and have managed to get the client installed, however they will not connect.
    Before I log a case, is there any specific config required on the controller to get Linux clients connected? Is there an option to turn on some verbose output when connecting via the CLI?

    The Linux clients I am testing with are VMs

    Edit: The authentication profile downloads successfully but it will not establish a VPN connection


  • 2.  RE: VIA Linux Client

    Posted 9 days ago
    Please log a case. There should not be any difference on the controller side between Windows or Linux clients. If you have a Windows client that works, and just see this with Linux clients, TAC should be able to help you.

    What I once experienced with VIA on Linux is that if you installed another VPN (or that was pre-installed by your Linux distribution) and that is running in the background, the VIA 'service' may not be able to run as the control socket is in use by the other VPN. I only tested with Ubuntu. Also, make sure that the Linux version you are running is supported.

    Here is an overview of CLI commands for the Linux version of VIA.

    Herman Robers
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