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Guest self-reg auto_update_account broken? 6.10.1

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  • 1.  Guest self-reg auto_update_account broken? 6.10.1

    Posted Oct 01, 2021 03:45 AM
    Hi guys

    So two customers of ours came to us almost at the same time with problems regarding Guest self-registration. Returning guests wasn't able to log in.
    This was an SMS based self-reg and the guests was sendt the updated password, Looking into it further it just seems that the guest isn't allowed to update the expired account they registered the day before. Almost like the "auto_update" field 

    I verified that the auto_update_account field is enabled and set to 1. Created a new self-reg page from defaults which use email as username - same thing there.

    Both accounts are recently upgraded to CPPM 6.10.1, and they are reaching out to TAC to find a solution.

    Anyone else had this issue and found a solution? Thanks!

    John-Egil Solberg |

  • 2.  RE: Guest self-reg auto_update_account broken? 6.10.1

    Posted Oct 11, 2021 09:18 AM
    Have not seen that. Please keep us posted on what TAC found.

    Herman Robers
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    In case your problem is solved, please invest the time to post a follow-up with the information on how you solved it. Others can benefit from that.

  • 3.  RE: Guest self-reg auto_update_account broken? 6.10.1

    Posted Oct 11, 2021 10:14 AM
    TAC confirmed it as a bug and installed a local patch for one of the customers. Havent seen it public yet.

  • 4.  RE: Guest self-reg auto_update_account broken? 6.10.1
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    Posted Oct 12, 2021 02:53 AM
    Clearpass is out and with that the issue of self-registration not auto-updating expired accounts and IOS devices not getting the portal is now fixed.

    John-Egil Solberg |