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CPPM Licensing

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  • 1.  CPPM Licensing

    Posted Sep 14, 2021 05:17 AM
    Hello everyone
    few years ago my company bought Aruba ClearPass 5K Virtual App E-LTU (JW336AAE). License was converted from Legacy to NL version (screenshot below)

    Now my question is that is possible to upgrade CPPM from current 6.7.14 version to 6.9.x and then to 6.10.x using above perpetual license entitlements ?
    Through CPPM Software Upgrade tab I see that I can download and upgrade new software version but for example when I try download offline OVF installer using ASP portal error was throwing: Requires active contract registration. Can anyone can explain me this issue?
    Is it any issues upgrading CPPM 6.7 to 6.9 and 6.10? I appreciate your help

    Krzysztof Nikolajczuk

  • 2.  RE: CPPM Licensing

    Posted Sep 14, 2021 09:26 PM
    Have you worked with TAC to see if you have a valid service contract tied to your account or organization?

    Dustin Burns
    Lead Mobility Engineer @WEI

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  • 3.  RE: CPPM Licensing

    Posted Sep 14, 2021 09:32 PM
    Hi Krzysztof,

    Yes, you should be able to upgrade the server to 6.10.x using the existing licenses without any issues. And the existing licenses will be migrated post upgrade automatically.
    However, as the license format has changed from 6.8.x onwards I would recommend converting them to 6.8.x/6.9.x format for future use in case if the server ever goes through cluster reset database force, you would be required to enter the newly formatted keys as the old 6.7.x key will no longer be accepted on 6.10.x code.

    And regarding the ASP portal warning please raise a TAC case to investigate or re-map the contract to your ASP account.

    Global Escalation Center, ACCP | Aruba Software