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APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

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  • 1.  APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

    Posted Oct 12, 2018 12:31 PM



    Is there a list of applications supported AppRF, I am using Airwave ?


    I can see traffic categorized as "port 0" , any ideas what this may be ?




  • 2.  RE: APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

    Posted Oct 15, 2018 07:36 AM

    For the list of applications, you can get that from the controllers. Check this knowledgebase article for how. Airwave itself doesn't classify data.


    Then on the Port 0, I'm not completely sure. I did some checking in my lab and found there is some Port 0 there as well. Most of it is 'wired' in my case, also most is IPv6 and multicast/link-local. I suspect it is traffic that could not be classified either because it is asymmetric traffic (controller just sees one side of the traffic) which is not enough to do a full classification.


    Have you looked into the Port 0 traffic, like from what sources, what destinations, which users, etc? That may help to understand what this traffic actually is.


    Someone else on this forum may know?

  • 3.  RE: APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

    Posted Oct 15, 2018 11:24 AM

    Try upgrade to latest code 8.2.7 and check the status.


    Note: From 8.2.4  version, root access is blocked, limited shell access is been proivded.

  • 4.  RE: APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

    Posted Jun 09, 2021 04:27 PM

    AOS 8.7, Airwave 8.12 and "port 0" still there in the Traffic Analysis (Applications table):
    Best regards.

    Homero Borgo

  • 5.  RE: APP RF Aplication list and Port 0

    Posted Jun 10, 2021 07:32 AM
    This is a very old post you are responding to. The best is to work with your partner or Aruba TAC support to get this analyzed. The classification comes from the controller, so it may make sense to check there if you can further track down what that traffic actually is.

    Herman Robers
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