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AW group stuck on "requesting running config"

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  • 1.  AW group stuck on "requesting running config"

    Posted Oct 20, 2021 04:17 PM

    have anyone had issues, where any VC on that particular group does not want to sync config with AW. I can do any config change or provision a new VC to this group and it never finishes the job. gets stuck on "requesting running config" forever.

    using aw, groups are using Instant GUI config. Have over 150 groups and near 2K devices and 2 groups out of them are broken this way. The issue came by itself. month ago that group was working fine. 

    i can factory reset APs/VC and provision it again to this group. it shows up, never finishes config sync. i can move the very AP to another preconfigured group, and everyting works like a charm and syncs just fine, move it back, and stuck again. Like some sort of rights issue with that group or just something gets "sour" and you're stuck. There is nothing under "show log system" on AP-s and event log on AW does not say a thing.

    i know a workaround with moving all VC-s to a temporary group: deleting old group, creating it from scratch (or duplicate from another working group) and then move those "broken group" AP-s back. I have done it in the past, but now one of these "stuck" groups has nearly 50 controllers with over 150AP-s total.  that's a large public sector service handling hundreds of clients and it's not very funny to do testing on such live things.

    AP-s themselves report fine. They report their status, usage, graphs etc. Firmware enforce/updates also work alright for this group. So it's not a network issue. They are also reporting that are managed by aw. local administation gets disabled.

    is there anything clever before i do a support case.

  • 2.  RE: AW group stuck on "requesting running config"

    Posted Oct 21, 2021 07:31 AM
    A support case is the right approach here.

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