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AirWave - Firmware Upgrade for specific 5412Rzl2 not available

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  • 1.  AirWave - Firmware Upgrade for specific 5412Rzl2 not available

    Posted Apr 26, 2021 05:48 AM
    Hello guys,

    we use AirWave for wired and wireless management. 

    Issue is within the wired switches. We're using 2930f as L2 access switches and 5412Rzl2 as the core layer. 

    Currently the operating mode for all wired devices is: Monitor Only + Firmware Upgrade 
    *We activated the option to allow firmware upgrades in monitor only mode. 

    Last week I updated the 2930f switches to WC_16_10_0011 successfully using the AirWave Gui. Very easy and no problems. 

    After that I tried to update the 5412Rzl2 switch from:
    KB.16.05.0007 (ROM: KB.16.01.0009) to KB.16.10.0012 

    But I got the following error message: 
    Update not required 

    I thought the jump from 16.05. to 16.10. might be too high so I tried to update to 16.06. aswell but also get the same message: Update not required. 

    So is there an issue with AirWave and we should update the switch manual by command line?

    Kind regards