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CPPM Monitoring RAM usage via SolarWinds

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  • 1.  CPPM Monitoring RAM usage via SolarWinds

    Posted Oct 14, 2021 04:53 AM

    SolarWinds has a habit of using defaults for lots of things which with some (a lot) of kit doesn't work and gives spurious results.

    For example, we have a pair of CPPM units (C2000's) that are using less than 50% RAM but SolarWinds believes this is 95 and 96% respectively and thus causes a constant state of alert. The solution is to create a poller that is hardware specific. Due to SolarWinds limitations the poller has to be a combined memory and CPU one.

    So to that end I am looking for the OIDs that show:

    • CPU Usage
    • Free memory
    • Used Memory
    The memory ones on some of our monitored hardware using this approach, ends up being based on a formula

    e.g. Used Memory is derived from the OIDs 'memTotalReal' subtracting 'memAvailReal'.

    Anyway, my query is... what are the OIDs (the actual numbers not their human readable equivalents) for the above please as I can't seem to find them?

    Stuart D