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HP 2530 - non-authenticated EST enrollment

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  • 1.  HP 2530 - non-authenticated EST enrollment

    Posted Aug 04, 2020 10:19 AM

    Hello !


    I have a problem to connect my HPe/Aruba 2530-24G J9776A in Aruba Central, I don't know how to fix that...


    I added MAC+S/N in Aruba Central (and enable subscription) but nothing work...


    my error is: EST enrollment has failed with status code : non-authenticated


    if someone can help me, I wont refuse,





    My version :


    HP-2530-24G(config)# show version
    Image stamp:
                    Jun 26 2020 00:30:07
    Boot Image:     Primary
    Boot ROM Version:    YA.15.20




    My running-config :


    HP-2530-24G(config)# show run
    Running configuration:
    ; J9776A Configuration Editor; Created on release #YA.16.10.0009
    ; Ver #14:
    hostname "HP-2530-24G"
    password manager user-name "admin" sha1
    timesync ntp
    ntp unicast
    ntp server-name "" iburst
    ntp server-name "" iburst
    ntp server-name "" iburst
    ntp enable
    time daylight-time-rule western-europe
    time timezone 60
    web-management ssl
    ip dns server-address priority 1
    ip dns server-address priority 2
    snmp-server community "public"
    snmpv3 engineid "00:00:00:0b:00:00:80:c1:6e:cf:b5:e0"
    vlan 1
       name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
       untagged 1-28
       ip address dhcp-bootp




    I have network connexion and I ping aruba server :


    HP-2530-24G(config)# ping is alive, time = 87 ms




    but same if I force my provision, the status is always like this....


    HP-2530-24G(config)# show activate provision
     Configuration and Status - Activate Provision Service
      Activate Provision Service   : Enabled
      Activate Server Address      :
      Activation Key               : Not Available
      Time Sync Status             : Time sync from other source
      Activate DNS Lookup          : Success
      Proxy Server DNS Lookup      : NA
      Activate Connection Status   : Failure
      Error Reason                 : EST enrollment has failed with status code :



  • 2.  RE: HP 2530 - non-authenticated EST enrollment

    Posted Sep 24, 2020 09:32 PM

    This is specific to the 2530, as this model does not have a TPM chip.


    You need to have the switch in Activate, but then TAC needs to manually whitelist the serial as well. Once that is complete, unsubscribe / re-subscribe your switch and it should show up.