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Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.
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Technical Webinar- Recording + Slides - Bringing up Aruba MM, MD & APs

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  • 1.  Technical Webinar- Recording + Slides - Bringing up Aruba MM, MD & APs

    Posted Sep 15, 2017 11:25 AM
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    Bringing up Aruba Mobility Master, Managed Device & Access PointBringing up Aruba Mobility Master, Managed Device & Access Point.png 

    Hello Airheads, 


    Adding this post here to share the content of the Airheads Technical Webinar we delivered on Tuesday, September 12th on Bringing up Aruba Mobility Master, Managed Device & Access . For those who could not attend the session please find below:


    Webinar Recording:



    Webinar Slide Deck - below and attached


    Please note that you can find additional on-demand technical webinars on our Airheads webinar repository page.


    As well we have our Sep- Dec calendar of webinars available here


    Please feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you may have below. We will make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

  • 2.  RE: Technical Webinar- Recording + Slides - Bringing up Aruba MM, MD & APs

    Posted Sep 15, 2017 12:21 PM

    Please find below the series of questions answered on the back of the webinar.



    Q1: Did you say there are separate VM OVF files for the MM and the MD

    Ans: Yes, there is separate OVF file for MM and MD.



    Q2: Why you license MM based on AP termination if AP terminates on MD in most cases? MM should be licensed only for MD termination in my opinion.

    Ans: Yes, MM-VA license is utilized by the MD and not the AP’s.


    Q:3 When I try to install the MC-va i can't login to the management through web or ssh and get this message when try to access web management.


    TP/1.1 302 Temporarily Moved Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:15:43 GMT Server: Apache X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN X-UA-Compatible: IE=edge;IE=11;IE=10;IE=9 Location: Content-Length: 0 Connection: close Content-Type: text/html


    mc-a version is

    Ans: Request to open a TAC ticket to debug.


    Q4: so with a VMC-50 license I can start up f.e. 10 VMCs + 40 laps spread on these 10 vmcs ? or 50 VMCs without an AP Tunnel?

    Ans: Yes, that is correct. MC-VA license is per AP license.


    Q5: Can you move licensees between pools? If license usage will get less on pool A can you remove these licenses and move them to pool B?

    Ans: Yes, we can move the license from one pool to another but at least one license should be allocated.


    Q6: is the forwarding mode "local breakout at Access Point" also possible?

    Ans: Forwarding mode “Bridge” is supported.


    Q7: General Question: Will the Aruba VRDs all updated to AOS 8.0 Gui ? Or will I find ALL "old" 6.5 GUI config parts again in 8.x GUI?


    Q8: So the MM will never need AP licences?

    Ans: Yes, MM will not need an AP license.


    Q9: IF I deploy controller discovery via DHCP option 43, which IP address has to be configured in the DHCP option? the address of the MM or the MD?

    Ans: The address of the MD should be configured in the DHCP option.


    Q10: can we delete eval license?

    Ans: No, we wouldn’t be able to delete the Eval licenses. Write Erase All would do.


    Q11: Do you have to have an MM to run 8.0 or if you only have 1 controller can you do without?

    Ans: We can run 8.0 in a standalone as well.


    Q12: Is there automatically generated a virtual IP (VRRP) if you configure a MD-Cluster?

    Ans: No, Virtual IP needs to be configured manually.



    Q13: Will the MD's continue to work if MM is offline, any configuration updates possible w/o MM?

    Ans: Yes, MD’s will continue to work without MM, however, no configuration change without MM.


    Q14: What licenses are needed to run MM redundancy?

    Ans: There is no separate license needed for MM redundancy.


    Q15: is it possible to do the configuration by cli and how?

    Ans: Yes, we can do configuration using CLI. Please refer to the CLI reference guide on how to configure using CLI.


    Q16: how to push it to the MD

    Ans: After making changes on the MD there will be a knob to click “Deploy Changes” after which configurations will be pushed to MD.


    Q17: Is it possible for partners to get a longer eval thank 30 days to check all features?

    Ans: No, it is not possible we can only extend till 90 days by reinstalling the same keys after every 30 days.


    Q18: Are Virtual licences and Physical licences for MM transferable?

    Ans: Yes, MM license will come with the hardware rest of them are transferable.


    Q19: Is there a deadline to move to 8.x architecture from 6.x, will new APs be still supported on 6.x?

    Ans: At this moment there is no deadline and we will support 6.x.


    Q20: How does the MC-VA cluster benefit of MM, I've seen hitless failover mentioned if MM is used?

    Ans: Clustering is a different topic which will be covered in detail in the subsequent session. Functionality like bucket map, AAC, SAAC, UAC & SUAC is some of the concepts that aid in hitless failover in a cluster.


    Q21: Will the CLI on the VM be the same as the CLI of hardware controllers.

    Ans:  Yes, the CLI will be same on MM-VA and MM-HW.


    Q22: For virtual MM and MC do we need to use fixed MAC on the Virtual Machines?

    Ans: MAC address gets auto-generated and static.


    Q23: Where in IRIS configurator can we choose MM-VA licences?

    Ans: We are part of post sales so please get in touch with SE/TM to get more details on IRIS.


    Q24: what all licenses need to be purchased when migrating from 6.x to 8.x?

    Ans: We need to purchase MM and MC licenses separately, however, MM license is not required if you purchase a Hardware MM as it comes built-in.


    Q25: Which user is not allowed to use CLI commands?

    Ans: I am not sure if you are asking about privilege levels however if you are asking about accessing controller CLI, we can restrict it only on the uplink ACL with denying SSH and Telnet.


    Q26. What is the function of Client Match?

    Ans: This will be covered in a separate topic.


    Q27. In a network, there are 79 APs. It is a master-local environment. There is an Aruba 3600 controller and another one is a 7700x series controller.

    64 APs will be in 3600 controller.

    15 APs will be in 7700 controller.

    For this type of Aruba Network?


    If an administrator wants to change the authentication settings, then which option he will choose?


    The Aruba network is connected in a master-local environment. Which security feature should be enabled?


    Which DHCP option is used to return host Aruba controllers IP address?

    Ans: The above two questions are not specific, however for DHCP option it is option 43 will return the controller IP address.


    Q28. In an Aruba network, Aruba controller has a master controller name MASTER. if we want to discover the APs from the domain which of the option should be implemented.?

    Ans: We need to create “A” record for “Aruba-master” on the DNS server. Ex: aruba-master.domain.com.


    Q29. Fast roaming is supported in 802.11r in which mode?

    Ans: We can create an 802.11r profile under WLAN SSID profile and enable 802.11r. is there any further question on this as the question is not clear.


    Q30. If I configure two or more virtual MM for redundancy, will they have a VIP/VRRP shared IP address, or do they just have the unique addresses and redundancy is configured on the MD to connect to a primary and secondary MM?

    Ans: VIP is shared the address for both MM’s and VIP will use VIP to terminate its IPsec.