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WPA3 Support APs/RAPs

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  • 1.  WPA3 Support APs/RAPs

    Posted Oct 23, 2021 11:06 AM
    I've been looking for an outline on which model APs and RAPs support WPA3 and Enhanced Open. Can someone provide me a link or outline them here? I was testing on a RAP-203RP, but i can't get the SSID to show up as WPA3, only WPA2, even though the Opmode on the SSID is WPA3. I'm assuming it's a limitation of the RAP model, but wanted to be sure before troubleshooting. 


    Michael Haring

    AirHeads MVP 2017, 2019-2021

  • 2.  RE: WPA3 Support APs/RAPs

    Posted Oct 24, 2021 10:04 AM
    I tested this with an AP-225 and AP-325 as well and found the same result, it only shows as WPA2 under the "show ap remote essid <ap-name>". Is this because I have opmode-transition enabled? 

    Can someone clarify the benefit of WPA3 w/ Opmode transition if it's still operating as WPA2 at the AP?

    Michael Haring

    AirHeads MVP 2017, 2019-2021

  • 3.  RE: WPA3 Support APs/RAPs

    Posted Oct 24, 2021 08:42 PM
    Hi Michael,

    AP-2xx series do not support WPA3.

    From AOS8.7 Web-help: The WPA3 opmodes are effective only on the 300 Series, 310 Series, 320 Series, 330 Series, 340 Series, 360 Series, 370 Series, 510 Series, 530 Series, and 550 Series access points. Other access points will reject these opmodes.

    Also: ...opmode transition is not applicable to WPA3-AES-CCM-128 and WPA3-CNSA opmodes.