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Multiple Airwave Instances

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  • 1.  Multiple Airwave Instances

    Posted Sep 07, 2021 12:17 PM
    I'm struggling and getting nowhere fast, so I hope this lands in front of the eyes of someone who knows what/how to do this.

    We have one Mobility Master cluster (2 x VM)
    We have 10 mobility controllers (2 about to be retired) and they are set up as 2 clusters, Cluster 1 and Cluster 2.
    We have just over 6000 APs active currently, and soon that number will be 8000.
    We have one configured Airwave, and a new Airwave 2 server that is the reason for this query.
    We have a new instance of Glass that I've not done anything with, it's just a new VM at the moment.

    I'm struggling to grasp how to get Cluster 2 APs to be resident on Airwave 2.

    In the MM we have a single Managed Network configured with all 10 MCs under it.
    At the Managed Network level, under Services we have the 2 clusters configured with the MCs added accordingly.
    But also at the Managed Network level, under System, we have the Connect to Airwave slider set to yes, and our original AW server IP address is not editable (I'm not sure where the IP is being pulled from).

    As AW can only handle 4000 APs and a single cluster of controllers, the second cluster was easy enough to create, but should I now be setting the AW server details individually at the controller level, so I can direct them to the correct AW, much like directing the controllers to the correct cluster? Other than this I've no further ideas about how to go about getting APs onto AW2.

    And does this have any impact on how the new AW2 should be instructed to scan for devices. It's a dim memory, but I think the original AW scanned the MM address and everything else appeared in AW as a result of that. Though I may be wrong.

    I'll keep scratching around for info, but in the mean time, thanks for reading.

    nathan millward

  • 2.  RE: Multiple Airwave Instances

    Posted Sep 08, 2021 02:54 AM

    Hi Nathan,

    you need to add the MM (both) to both Airwave servers - thus create two MON-Receiver Profiles, so both AW-instances will receive the data.

    Thus you need double lic-AW for just these two systems (one lic-AW on each AW-system).

    For the Two clusters - you just add one of the MON-Reicever profiles.

    In Airwave make sure that new systems (detected via the MM) will not be added automatically - make sure those will show up in the list of NEW devices (thus not consuming any license) and just "add" the ones on the particular server you have added the licenses.

    In the end - AW-server1 will "monitor" both MM's, the cluster1-MD's and its managed AP's.

    AW-server2 will "monitor" both MM's, the cluster2-MD's and its managed AP's.

    For any kind of license transfer of lic-AW from AW-server1 to AW-server2 - if you cannot do it yourself, open a TAC-case.

    I hope this helps.



    Jochem Knoben

  • 3.  RE: Multiple Airwave Instances

    Posted Sep 09, 2021 04:33 AM

    Thanks for your reply Jochem.

    There are lots of Lic-AW on both servers, over several rows per server totalling the number of APs we need to monitor on each cluster e.g.

    Looking at our MM, we don't have MON-Receiver profile configured so must be using the default-amp profile. So i'll investigate this further and look to create the 2 profiles you mention.
    The old AW does exactly what you mention about adding devices to New Devices, so I'll replicate that.

    I'm still left with a query over this bit under Managed Network, but maybe it will sort itself out as I go through the MON profile config.

    I hope to progress this today, and I'll post back how I get on.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



    nathan millward

  • 4.  RE: Multiple Airwave Instances

    Posted Sep 10, 2021 07:37 AM

    Hi Jochem, wondering if you can think of a way around this:

    The new AW2 server has discovered the MM Virtual IP address, and the 10 controllers from the Scan Sets I created.

    This steps uses SNMPv2 configured as part of the Scan Set.

    After discovery things change over to SNMPv3 conifgured under Device Setup > Communication > Aruba

    On the MM I created a corresponding new SNMPv3 user and SNMPv3 Trap receiver

    But when I move the newly discovered devices into the correct group from the New Device list on AW2, the SNMP-Get fails and the devices are marked as down.

    At the moment the only reason I can think of for this is the setting on the AirWave tab on the MM - only the original AW address is shown, so how do I get round that?

    I've created the new MON-receiver you mentioned, reusing the default-amp profile, but can't find my way around how to be able to apply this yet because I seem to be stuck at a point of sending data to the original AW server only because the above setting.

    The AirWave manual hasn't proved helpful, and web searches have go me nowhere. Any suggestions?



    nathan millward

  • 5.  RE: Multiple Airwave Instances

    Posted Sep 10, 2021 09:25 AM


    the "polling" setting (if v2 or v3 is used) is an Airwave-Group setting; check within the "Basic" setting the entry for Aruba-devices

    and make sure it's set to v3 for the AW-group of the MM....

    ...either wait for the polling periode or trigger a "poll now" for the MM and the box should show up again

    But be aware: it's group setting thus will have impact on all device member of that AW-group, so if there are other devices in that group, those are getting polled using v3 then as well 

    (if unsure - create a NEW AW-group with just the MM being member of - so it won't have an impact on other devices)



    Jochem Knoben