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No "top 5 applications" per client on MM

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  • 1.  No "top 5 applications" per client on MM

    Posted Apr 27, 2021 12:55 PM

    Hi there,

    I'm having some trouble getting per-client traffic details to show on my mobility master.
    The controllers have DPI enabled, and I can see that data if I navigate to the controllers themselves.
    Then, under Mobility Master, I can also see aggregated traffic info under Dashboard > Traffic Analysis.
    And if I click "hosts" I can see the applications of a particular client, but the "WLAN" column says "wired" (on the mobility controllers it shows properly with the WLAN name).

    When I click a particular client (Clients > Expand) the "Top 5 applications" are always empty. "Top 5 destinations" does work.

    *Edit* I also checked and can only see a partial number of sessions; the controller "traffic analysis" shows a detailed list of all sessions a client has, with category application bytes destination etc, but the mobility master only shows a very little subset of those (MM table shows sessions=55 but when I click it I only see 4); also the username does not show under NAME, but the IP instead. Mobility controllers show everything proper (WLAN, Username, All sessions).



    Mobility Master:

    (Mobility Master only shows 3 sessions; WLANs = wired; IP as SOURCE instead of username)

    Any idea what can be the problem?


    Ricardo Duarte