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Transition CAP to IAP AOS-8.x or above

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  • 1.  Transition CAP to IAP AOS-8.x or above

    Posted Jul 26, 2021 06:28 AM


    This document groups together technical elements (not exhaustive) to be taken into account when converting from CAP (Controlled AP) to Instant IAP mode.

    The method used in the document is based on the command lines available with version 8.6.x of the controller allowing conversion to Instant mode.

    Prerequisites used in the example below:

    • Aruba controller version v.8.6.x mini
    • - PC Windows ou Mac
    • - TFTP server
    • - IAP update file in the expected version


     Instant Firmware version download

     Aruba Support Portal (ASP) => Software & Documents => Access Points


    Drop the file into the TFTP directory on your workstation



     Attachment of APs to the controller


    Configuration => Access Point => Whitelist

    Approve 1 AP by 1 AP

    Checking the APs attached to the controller and to the AP Group Default group




    Connect in ssh on the controller : ssh admin@


    All the orders made in this document are available in ArubaOS page 646

    List of available options





     Convert AP-305 to IAP-305 version from local server in TFTP

     Step 1 – Command launch



    ap convert active all-aps server tftp ArubaInstant_Ursa_8.6.0.10_80708 no-pre-validation


    Tips : In case you do not have predefined Activate rules to redirect the converted AP to IAP to a specific group, use the no-pre-validation command to bypass the step to avoid the error message AP have no provision rule (Activate)


    Step 2 – Downloading image



    Step 3 – Updating Aps



    Step 4 – Update Done


    Step 5 – IAP transition Done



     Et voila !

    Version française disponible ICI

    Nicolas Culetto
    SE Aruba France